Apple Shack Privacy Policy

Personal privacy and freedom is at the absolute top of my priorities. To this end, I've based my privacy policy around that which I found at Gibson Research Corporation, which I hope they won't mind. Like GRC, I've broken it down into specific sections.

I host my own server, and I work for the ISP that provides my internet service - so security and privacy are paramount at every step of the way. I'm the only person who has root access to my server, which has comprehensive firewall and rootkit monitoring mechanisms in place.

Terms and Conditions
This server is under my personal control and as such I'm at liberty to impose 'house rules' as to who can access it or gain information from hosted domains. I reserve the right to block, filter or otherwise restrict access from any IP addresses or net-blocks that I choose to. I may do this in order to improve security or to eliminate third-party filtering, anonymous access or anything I regard as misuse of my server.
Misuse of this server is deemed to include using any browser or software other than for the purposes of online viewing of web pages or content stored therein. Automated bots, spiders, web page or site grabbing tools and archiving/caching utilities are specifically forbidden from downloading data from this server.
Interception or modification of any pages or traffic data between this server and the final recipient is also forbidden. I want people to be able to see pages as originally intended and not subject to any third-party filtering, censoring, targeted advertising or otherwise tampering.
The views and opinions expressed on this website are mine and mine alone*. Any agreement, disagreement, contradiction or misinterpretation in regards to anything else, either in a personal, official or business capacity is entirely irrelevant and should not be interpreted as any endorsement or allegiance to any product, company, item or person.
* with the exception of those views or opinions which are not mine - either through the re-publishing of third-party articles or by allowing third-party interaction via guestbooks, forums or any other 'un-moderated' interactive areas.
Personal Information and Emails
• Emails - I wrote and designed the email system on my server so there are no hidden third-party backdoors or weaknesses. My email client is RISC OS based which means that it is 100% impervious to all known email viruses, trojans or worms. Put simply, you cannot receive a virus or unauthorised email attachment from me. If you're uncertain whether an email originating from me has been faked, then ask me to send you a PGP signed email.

All my recipients email addresses are kept totally confidential and there is NO CHANCE I will ever divulge them to any third party whatsoever for any reason whatsoever. I feel very strongly about the privacy of email addresses and nothing could or would induce me to divulge any email addresses to any third party.
All server email logs are regularly wiped every night.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything you have seen here, or about anything relating to internet privacy, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to contact me.

Thank you for your interest in these tricky but important issues. Perhaps we can work together to raise the standard of privacy on the Internet. It's certainly worth a try!

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